European Night of Museums 2022

The European Night of Museums will take place Saturday May 14th 2022. Welcome to Computer museum in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Computer museum takes visitors back to the future. Technology for peace is our speach. How technology can help promote peace? How can ICT help in advocating peace in our nation? Games for Peace — How to use of Video Games for fostering dialog and trust between young people in conflict zones?

The largest personal computer museum is located in Yekaterinburg. «Anti-museum of computers and games» is currently based in the multimedia historical park Russia is my history. The museum has more than 8000 exhibits, including 120 working retro computers, which can include 30 game consoles. The exhibition is complemented by videos about the history of the gaming and computer industry, magazines and advertising on this subject. Here, people can learn about the evolution of computers, get acquainted with old machines and technologies as well as play old games on some of the first machines.

Boris Yeltsin Museum and the Yekaterinburg Computer Museum

The Yeltsin Center, the Boris Yeltsin Museum and the Yekaterinburg Computer Museum supported the 15th anniversary, dedicated to the International Museum Day, the Night of Museums action.

Visitors to the exhibition could play one of the most popular games of that time — Doom on a Pentium with a capacity of 100 megahertz from the personal collection of Sergei Martyanov, owner of the Anti-Museum of Computers and Games. This computer, possessing very modest abilities by modern standards, excited the minds of adolescents, was a symbol of freedom and new opportunities.



It is a great pleasure to see the seventeenth edition of the European Night of Museums finally taking place throughout France. It will take place on Saturday, July 3, at the same time as the long-awaited Festival season begins. 

This seventeenth European Night of Museums will put artistic and cultural education, which is one of the priorities of the Government, in the spotlight, thanks to the operation La classe, l’œuvre! , conducted jointly by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports. In a number of museums, it will be the students themselves who will provide the visit, presenting to the visitors works studied during the year. These will be great moments of sharing between students, teachers, parents and visitors – a way of seeing the great works of the past through the eyes of the younger generation. It is also to this change of gaze that this event invites us.

To all the visitors, whom I hope to be very numerous, I wish you an excellent «Night». Long live our museums, which bring us so much!

Ministry of Culture/ Didier Plowy

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We have launched a website in English about the museum.

The Museum of Computers in Yekaterinburg has over 8000 exhibits and features everything from floppy discs to interactive experiences.