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Happy New Year!

New year programm in Computer museum in Ekaterinburg (link in russian)

Welcome to Computer museum in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Computer museum takes visitors back to the future.

The development of computers is closely related to science fiction, according to the museum director Serge Martyanov.

«A lot of fantasies of the sixties and seventies are now normal technology for us: we touched upon the theme of retro-futurism and represented the pictures of Russian science fiction writers of the sixties and seventies and our visitors recognised Skype, Internet and other things. What once seemed fantastic is now common technology.»

Visitors are also taught about different data storage facilities of the time.

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We hold festivals, exhibitions, children’s parties, online events. Please look at our services.

About us

The Museum of Computers in Yekaterinburg has over 8000 exhibits and features everything from floppy discs to interactive experiences.

Here, people can learn about the evolution of computers, get acquainted with old machines and technologies as well as play old games on some of the first machines.
While it may not seem that long ago, for some younger visitors playing games like Super Mario feels nostalgic.

The Museum’s collection started in 2013 and now has over 8000 exhibits; many of those come from abroad, from USA, Japan, Germany and other European countries.
Many of the first Soviet computers were destroyed, so only parts of them survived, like the display of the first Soviet electronic machine M-1 produced in 1951 which is the oldest exhibit at the Museum. The plan is now to reconstruct the rest of the machine so that the exhibit can become operational.

The exhibition also lets people take a journey back in time to see exactly what an IT specialists work place would be like in the 1970s.
Interactive displays also reflect the interiors of a house from different Soviet periods.


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A Russian museum featuring retro computers from the 60s, 70s and 80s is taking visitors back to the future.

Computer Museum of Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg , 8 marta 2

Tel +7(343)344-62-23

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Head of museum: Sergey Martyanov